Здесь можно что-то разместить

    Здесь можно что-то разместить

    Does Pure Dating App Work

    Does pure dating app work


    An amazing idea that has no one online in california. A huge state with a massive population, and my best results are all in russia. Without advertizing, no one is going to find your product. This however leads to wasted subscriptions because theres no one around at any given moment. This latest update seems to have added an aditional 10 USD to the monthly subscription rate, while taking the week trial down to three days. So thats a cool downgrade that makes your product look stable and sucsessful. As far as app performance, theres very little to do, and therefore manage, so it runs fairly well. However, glitches seem to stick around when they claim they are patched. They seem to do this for many many updates. For example, they claim that the app should no longer ask you to log into your itunes account every time you want to post. It is still doing it. The only nice thing thats broken is the fact that I cant even seem to update my subsrciption, as the app just wont do it. Even here on itunes, trying to update the sub won't process. This is sadly a positive. What few people there are to talk to, refuse to interact. They'll say hi, but then nothing happens after that, no matter how much you try to start a conversation. But they hit you up again after you repost. Whats the point!? It does have a lot of potential but it’s just wasted. 2019 update: If you don’t live in a huge city like LA it’s useless. Even in a city like Salem in Oregon you’d think you’d be seeing at least more than five results in a hundred miles but you’ll have a hard time finding any writhing 500. This app has never gotten better.

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