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    Здесь можно что-то разместить

    Img Srcset Retina

    Img srcset retina

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    Because now we tell the browser what the size will be, after applying CSS styling, and we specify the width of each source, the browser can choose the best image. The image will always be displayed with a width of 200px, but a retina device will choose the source with 400w and a non-retina device will choose the 200w source.

    What is exactly the problem?

    The problem is that images are preloaded by the browser. This is at the moment the DOM is not even build yet. So the browser has no knowledge about the CSS styling which is calculated after the DOM has been build. So we have to give the browser some clue what the size of the image will be, after fully rendered and styled with CSS, for the browser to be able to pick the most suitable source from a list of sources with different widths.

    The sizes attribute is not the same as the width attribute. The difference lies in the responsive possibilities of the sizes attribute.

    Responsive fluid design

    For a responsive and/or fluid design a fixed size of, for example, 200px, does not suffice. A fluid design has sizes relative to the parent element. Which is not known when images are being preloaded, by the browser, before the DOM is ready and the view is rendered with CSS styling. However there is a unit that is known, before CSS is calculated. It is the view width. With the view width we can define a fluid (relative) size of the image.

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