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    Imgur Gifv

    Imgur gifv

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    Hi, I'm on Ubuntu 15.10 on a laptop and gifv's on imgur refuse to play. they work fine with Chromium. They also play fine if I replace the .gifv extension in the url with .mp4.

    Example with http://i.imgur.com/ZReg652.gifv. I get a black rectangle and the console says: The media resource http://i.imgur.com/ZReg652.webm could not be decoded.

    I tried with Flash disabled (I still do not understand why a webm needs Flash but well...) with no luck. I restarted in Safe mode, and the same issue occurs. I've been googling a lot and I still don't have any clue.

    I hope one of you already had the problem in order to help me because I'm still wondering what is happening.

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